Press Release

Exporting businesses using Incheon Port to be more Competitive

2018.10.02. 1882

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○ Incheon Port Authority (IPA) is to cooperate with the Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry to improve the international competitiveness of the cooperative small businesses using the Incheon Port.


○ According to the IPA on the Sept. 26th, an agreement was made recently with the Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry to improve both the international competitiveness of and the mutually-benefiting cooperation with the small businesses using Incheon Port.


○ The agreement was made to establish a cooperative system and make more of the professional and efficient moves for ‘Foreign Standard — tests, certifications, and labels — Acquisition Support Project’, a project the IPA is promoting for the first time to improve the competitiveness of the businesses exporting through the Incheon Port.


○ Through the agreement, the two establishments expect to provide the basis for the small exporting businesses to overcome the hardships which were caused by the strengthening of the protected trade, thus helping to improve the competitiveness of the exporting businesses.


○ Especially, the Foreign Standard Acquisition Support Project, which is promoted for the first time by the IPA, is expected to gain momentum as Incheon FTA Business Center, an organizational subordinate to the Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is to join as the principal institution according to the agreement.


With this agreement as the beginning, we are to offer the cooperative businesses of the Incheon Port steadfast support to improve their international competitiveness by promoting more systematic and practical win-win projects.” says an employee from the IPA.


○ Meanwhile, the IPA, with the agreement being made, is to recruit the businesses to gain the support for acquiring the foreign standards for the inaugural year of the project during the second half of this year.